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Jewelry business is nothing less than a tough trade for jewelers. An escape to the eCommerce horizon is not an easy venture for many if no right knowledge persists. In the battle against the fiercer competition, retail jewelers need to identify customer demand and satisfy their needs with technology-driven convenient services. For diamond & jewelry retail online, it involves a lot of complexities. Here at Magia, our developers and designers have been addressing the unique challenges of online jewelry retailers with outstanding Jewelry IT solutions.

Alike every product, jewelry goes through multiple steps in a supply chain before reaching the customers. To ease this complex process that includes order processing, billing, and dispatch, our jewelry ERP application or ERP solution is the best-matched tool to streamline processes and improve delivery services. With our integrated ERP solutions, you can easily automate workflows at warehouses and reduce manual errors costing you higher in lost revenues.


Jewellery Services

  • Ecommerce site for jewelry stores
  • Customized solutions for jewelry business
  • B2B &B2C app and web portal development
  • ERP products for diamond and jewelry
  • Supplier management
  • Cross-platform mobility solutions
  • Powerful website admin panel
  • Automated Inventory Development
  • CRM and account development
  • Quick Diamond search
  • Discount and gift management
  • SEO-friendly website building