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Our Process

This is how we roll! An expert team with a smart strategy is essential in taking your business on the path of success.


Before starting with the planning and choosing the best strategy, our team will conduct an in-depth analysis about your business, your competitors and the overall goals you are targeting with a new website and your online presence.

Our goal is to learn more about your brand to work together in order to achieve a fantastic website design that will highly impact your online presence and bring more of the right audience.


We look at your top few competitors to gauge their marketing efforts and understand industry-specific design queues or trends to communicate with your audience more effectively. This research helps us plan and execute any on-site search engine optimization to ensure you’re ready to compete out of the gate.


Our strategy for designing a successful website starts with collaboration. During this phase, our team works with the client to define the website’s creative strategy.

A fully designed simulation of your digital product, showing exactly how each screen looks, feels, and functions with timeline and a list of site features, to make sure the project meets expectations and stays on time and budget.


In the development process, once the design process is complete, we begin the coding work to convert your project into reality. Here, our Magia team uses the best knowledge to create innovative solutions directed towards your specific company goals.

Additionally, we prepare the site to work beautifully on all major browsers and can make sure your content writing is search engine friendly.

Build & Test

We migrate the new website to the production server and run it through its paces during our multi-platform user testing. Our quality assurance efforts aim to iron out any wrinkles before releasing your new website design to the world.

Support & Growth

Unlike many web agencies, our relationship with clients doesn’t end when their site launches. We continue to partner long-term to make sure your website and app looks beautiful and functions properly. We manage web hosting and support, so you don’t have to sweat the details of maintaining a website. Also we make sure your website is helping your business grow.